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Children In Worship
Dismissed During Worship Service
Ages 4 - 1st Grade
Children In Worship Room
Lower Level

Worship for children is planned carefully to be a time of praise and worship at a level which is understandable yet meaningful.

We strive to emphasize five basic elements each week:

Praise – we honor God through our music.

Prayer – we communicate to God directly with our words, and God listens to the words of children as well as adults.

Scripture – we listen to God’s holy words and hide them in our hearts so we can remember them.

Attitude of Worship – we show honor and respect to God and our neighbors when we sit quietly, when we ponder questions and seek the answers, when we share and cooperate, and when we gather as a group for the sole purpose of praising God.

Action – worship is not something you just watch, it is something you do.

During each class, your children will be learning how and why we worship the way we do in our church. We will explore ways to talk to God, listen to God, and how to be in His presence. During our sessions, your children will learn new songs of praise, they will memorize scripture, they will hear amazing stories about God, and they will engage in fun response activities!





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