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Central Reformed Church was founded in April of 1899, yet its roots stretch back to October 7, 1887, when 7 families began meeting for worship and teaching. In those initial years, the church was an English speaking congregation in the midst of a strong Dutch majority. As the Dutch population grew, the early 1900ís services were held completely in Dutch until 1916, when an English service was added, and English slowly replaced Dutch as the worshipping language of the congregation.

Because of this openness to the English speakers, Centralís reputation as the ďnon-DutchĒ alternative grew, and members came from a variety of Christian backgrounds and traditions. In 1889, the seeds of Central Church were in the future. In that year the railroad came to town and the congregation decided to move from its original location (about a mile south) to its present location to be near the railroad depot and the emerging business district. With that move, Centralís identity was for many years joined to the business community of Sioux Center.

Mission support has long been a source of pride and inspiration for the people of Central. By the mid-1920ís, Central fully supported a mission family in China and sent one of its own members into the mission field of India. Since that time Centralís interest in the work of the Kingdom of God has spread around the world and right next door.

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